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What are the marketing trends for 2022?

marketing trends 2022

Every new year brings new trends in digital new trends in digital marketing ! At the heart of the process of digital transformation of companiesdigital transformation, online online marketing is one of the most promising sectors for business. Keeping abreast of new trends to better understand and implement its marketing marketing strategy. And because what worked before may not work now, discover the major marketing trends 2022 !

The end of third-party cookies

A cookie is a file that is hidden in a web browser to allow advertisers to facilitate the targeting of advertising based on user profiles. At the beginning of 2020, Google announced that it would phasing out third-party cookies on its browser, just like Firefox and Apple before it. The death knell has thus been sounded: during 2022, advertisers will have to leave third-party cookies behind and rework their digital marketing strategy.

Among the digital marketing trends in 2022, third-party cookies may be replaced by FLoC and Fledge. FLoC is a technology that enables the creation of cohorts of prospects with similar interests. The external server Fledge, on the other hand, exploits the data it has at its disposal to distribute the advertising display on the sites visited.

Employees as brand ambassadors

Did you know that almost 50% of consumers would rather not use a brand if its employees are not sufficiently informed? Inappropriate employee behaviour is also detrimental to the conversion of visitors. Always keep in mind that your staff are the best representatives of your company. In order to turn your employees into brand ambassadors in 2022 :

  • Provide them with training to improve their knowledge of your offerings;
  • encourage them to post content about the company's culture, news, products and services: 
  • Provide them with a guide and/or ready-made publications to share on social networks;
  • Add value to their expertise by offering them to write articles for the blog, let them speak in videos, or present their profile to your community...

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Focus on hybrid marketing

Is it better to favour a digital or physical digital or physical sales channel? ? While more and more consumers are buying products and services online, they are still abandoning physical stores. This is why the next challenge for companies will be to offer an omnichannel experience ! For succeed in its hybrid strategy and stay up to date with current current marketing trends :

  • maintain a consistent brand image across all media and distribution channels;
  • Create a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint, with offers available both in-store and online;
  • create content tailored to each platform;
  • collect information from potential customers you meet in person, and add it to your CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and then contact them again via digital media.

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More inclusion in business, less inequality

As consumer profiles become more diverse, it becomes essential for a brand to authentically reflect a wide range of backgrounds and experiences in their messages, ads and campaigns. The aim: to build strong connections with their future customers.

However, promoting inclusion and diversity is not enough. According to the Global Marketing Trends Consumer Surveystudy, more than a majority of customers are particularly loyal to brands that brands that actively address inequality. In France, 63% of consumers would be more willing to buy from brands that work to reduce social inequalities.

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