solution communication digitale


To ensure the security of our platform and your data, we use a partner that offers a highly secure, fully redundant and infinitely scalable solution. We have relied on the Oracle vendor to integrate all data on fully encrypted and secure databases in real time.

  • The production process is so secure and standardized that the Banana Content teams do not even have access to the production servers and the production database.
  • A confidential RGPD compliance report is compiled every quarter with all the actions taken to guarantee the respect of personal and confidential data.
  • A data masking is automatically done by Oracle for the descent of the database in test/development to avoid the leakage of confidential data.
  • The Oracle cloud is monitored in real time for access and possible parameterization flaws with proactive alerts.
  • The encryption of the database is done in real time at the Oracle database level. Only the provider has the decryption key that even Oracle does not have. Avoiding data leakage (and thus the transmission of cloud act.)