Brighten up your digital communication with our new content curation module!

What is content curation?

Content curation is a tool that allows you to select relevant news content present on the web based on keywords that are relevant to your sector and more broadly to your universe.
After selecting the content of your choice, you canedit itand share it on all your communication channels.

What is the added value of content curation?

A constant watch

Content curation allows you to be constantly on the lookout for what's going on in your industry. It is also an excellent way to develop your knowledge on a given theme.

Diversify your content

Content curation is a tool that allows you to diversify your content. What's the point? It is important to dynamize your editorial line to be able to propose to your target followers a content adapted to their needs in information. Your followers will find a real advantage to follow you and interact with your posts (likes, comments, shares). In addition, your content will more easily attract new prospects (gain followers).

Tag to move up in searches

Content curation will allow you to link to the web pages of influential media but above all to tag them. Tagging a highly followed account is effective for being visible in the search engines of social networks.
Indeed, by searching for information on the tagged media, users will come across your shared article and therefore yourself, which will increase your chances of gaining followers.

Better SEO

Does your website have an RSS feed? Don't hesitate to inform us. Adding it to Banana Content will allow you to share it with the companies of our ecosystem that will reuse your contents. You will then gain backlinks which will allow you to increase the traffic to your website.

How does content curation work on Banana Content?

Content curation works on the basis of RSS feeds that we have previously configured on the platform and classified by theme.


You can perform a search and save it so that Banana will bring up all the articles related to your keywords.


Doesan article seem relevant to you?
You can save it in your favourites by clicking on the small star.


Doyou want to reuse this article?
Add it to your own content box. You will then be able to modify it as you wish and share it on your social networks or in your emailings ad infinitum.

You have not found a subject that corresponds to you?
No problem, Banana Content allows you to add your own RSS feeds and to find them all in "my RSS feeds".

Marion VILLAND, CEO of Banana Content tells us about the platform