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AIDA model: what is it?

AIDA model

The AIDA model model is characterised as one of the marketing and sales tools in communication, advertising and marketing. It is used to capture attention, convince andconvince and motivate a prospect to take action. But in concrete terms, what is the AIDA method and how can it be used to generate more conversions ? We tell you everything!

AIDA method: definition and objectives

The AIDA methodology methodology is to triggering the act of purchase with its target audience. This action often takes the form of purchasing a product or service, but it can also be the object of a subscription to a series of e-mails or the downloading of an ebook for example.

As you can see, it can be used in all marketing and sales elements and has multiple applications. The AIDA copywriting technique describes the different states a prospect goes through during the conversion tunnel. It is therefore an excellent way to guide your potential consumer through the buying journey !

This marketing technique also allows you to develop quality content and attract a qualified audience. AIDA is an acronym that stands for :

  • A: "Attention".
  • I: "Interest".
  • D: "Desire
  • A: "Purchase" or "Action

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A for Attention

How attract a potential customer's attention to your marketing message, advertisement or offer? To stand out, you need to use impactful images, catchphrases and strong sentences! Taking the example of an online advertisement, you can use a striking image and eye-catching colours. Don't hesitate to surprise users by taking the content out of contextand/or by adding a touch of humour.

I for Interest

Having captured attention, the tricky part is yet to come! The challenge now is to persuade your readers to go further. This means establishing a link between the message and the need, or motivation, that is being sought. 

Both the form and the content of the message are of primary importance in this stage of the AIDA model. Important information should be simple, clear, understandable and original. Note that knowing your target audience is a prerequisite for identify the levers for action. The definition of personas simplifies this process by giving concrete form to the profiles of the targeted segment.

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D for Desire

Now that interest has been aroused, the next step is to make the offer attractive to the target audience. It is up to you to create desire in your prospect, so that he or she will be impatient with the idea of benefiting from the product or service:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of the offer to address an issue.
  • Evoke the emotions they may feel when enjoying the product or service. Sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch... All the senses can be used!
  •  Value the situation before and after the acquisition of the offer.

A for Action

Last but not least: the conclusion. After having accompanied your prospect throughout the conversion process, the objective is finally to trigger the act of purchase (or the expected action). Calls to action serve to change a desire into concrete action! Highlight :

  • scarcity with the management of a limited stock;
  • emergency with a good last-minute plan;
  • the exceptional with advantageous prices, gifts or bonuses for any purchase...

The AIDA model model is very often used by copywriters, but there are obviously many other techniques to attract and techniques to attract and convert !

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