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Communication agency : digital marketing and communication tools

Inbound marketing and emergency management are the two mantras of communication agencies. To optimize their productivity and profitability, web agencies need a powerful digital marketing and communication tool. The comprehensive nature of the Banana Content platform means that they don't have to juggle multiple solutions: CRM platform, social networks, emailing, etc.

Banana Content, your digital marketing and communication tool

Banana Content is a complete, simple and intuitive SaaS solution for all companies in charge of creating content. This digital marketing and communication tool allows you to produce content and make it accessible to the entire ecosystem (employees, partners, service providers, etc.), on a single responsive design interface. In addition to social networks and emailing/newsletter campaigns, it allows you todevelop and plan communication operations by publishing unique content marketing in just a few clicks.


Banana Content's functionalities allow foroptimal visibility for viral digital content thanks to the multi-channel reach (blog, social networks, emailing, etc.) which amplifies the message. 

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This tool also offers the possibility of managingcommunication heroes. Banana Content is the inbound marketing platform that communication agencies need.


By streamlining and harmonising the creation of multi-channel content, our dashboard considerably increases the ROI of communication agencies. Employees are able to manage several projects at once while saving precious time. The agility of the platform also meets their mobility needs.


Banana Content integrates a centralised and detailed monitoring of the digital activity of the ecosystem to measure the impact of marketing campaigns thanks to precise ROI indicators. Our tool allows you to take a step back from your entire digital strategy.

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Centralise your tools and facilitate your communication

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A versatile and intuitive dashboard

Our web content editing tool optimizes the entire digital communication process of your company. No training is required.

Centralization of communication processes

All your communication is gathered on the same platform with Banana Content: share content with your community by synchronizing it on all your social networks, manage emailing campaigns and newsletters.

Content planning

Our platform allows you to anticipate and automate the programming of marketing campaigns and the publication of editorial content.

Optimization of digital content distribution

Banana Content allows you to manage your contents and communication channels in a simple and intelligent way.

Improved team performance and collaboration

Our dashboard facilitates team collaboration and improves productivity.

Monitoring the evolution and impact of the content marketing strategy

Analyze the ROI of the different published contents and benefit from a detailed performance report generated by the Banana Content platform.