What are the best networks of influence?

Best influence networks

Influencer marketing continues to be a key part of companies' digital strategy . According to a HubSpot study, by the end of 2022, organisations will spend no less than 15 billion dollars on influencer marketing. The importance of influencer marketing has been proven, and industry professionals have understood this! Discover the best influencer networks without further ado.

Instagram, the must-have for influencer campaigns 

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is still the number one when it comes to influencer marketing. And for good reason: 200 million users visit a company's profile at least once a day! With an engagement rate 5 times higher than on Facebook, it is the ideal social network for a digital communication campaign. Digital influencers are also present in large numbers.

Nano-influencers, social commerce, short videos... The majority of digital marketing trends 2022 are adapted to Instagram. This network is particularly effective in fashion, as 55% of internet users make a purchase after seeing a post from an influencer. 

The only downside? The countless number of partnerships present on the influence marketing platform. With such strong competition, it can be quite complex to find a place for yourself. 

Youtube, the timeless social network

This is one of the best influence networks! Léna Situations, Maya Adorable, Mister V, Natoo... The best-known influencers Most of them started on Youtube. Although they have now positioned themselves on many other platforms, the leading social network for video remains their first love. And far from retiring, Youtubers are seeing their audience grow day by day!

For influencer marketing, this social network is a real gold mine. Provided, of course, that you choose the best influencers to attract your target. In 2020, 90% of users revealed that they found new brands and products on YouTube. More and more marketers are now integrating it into their company's digital strategy.

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TikTok, the new Eldorado of influencer marketing  

This most influential network is the phenomenon of the moment. A huge success that does not escape influence marketing. With nearly one billion active monthly users, TikTok is the place to be. With users connecting on average 80 minutes per day, companies are more than motivated to integrate this social network into their strategy! 

A collaboration with a TikTok influencer allows you to capture this prized target, while producing content that is different from other networks. Also note that on this platform, several influencer marketing actions are possible. A participatory influencer campaign has every chance of going viral. As you can see, TikTok has become the new Eldorado for brands.

LinkedIn, for a successful B2B influence campaign

Among the best influence networks, LinkedIn is also a great ally for a B2B influence campaign! It is true that when we think of influencer marketing, it is not the first social network that comes to mind. And yet, launching a communication campaign on LinkedIn is particularly judicious. 

LinkedIn influencers are real professionals, and have a certain legitimacy to make your influence campaign a success. Regarding the actions to be implemented, a B2B communication operation borrows the same codes as B2C. Product placements, sponsored content... It's the same recipe as in "classic" influencer marketing!

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