What is Content Curation? Definition and issues

Definition of content curation

Content curation is characterised as the entry point to any content marketing strategy. Accompanied by a digital strategy strategy, the content curation process allows the selection, sorting and treatment of new themes in order to generate an increase in the notoriety of a company. But what does this practice really involve? What are the stakes? We tell you everything!

Definition of content curation

According to Wikipedia, " content curation (...) is the practice of selecting, editing and sharing the most relevant content on the web for a given topic». In other words, the curation concept consists in going around the web in order to identify and sort out relevant sources, related to a topic, which can be exploited in a different way than originally (sites, blogs, social media).

If the process is similar to that of information monitoringbut the aim is quite different: curating content is to repurpose content to share one's opinion, or to keep one's audience informed on a subject that might interest them, while keeping the original source visible.

The implementation of a content curation strategy strategy requires several steps, among which delimiting the scope of your content is essential! Ask yourself the right questions: does this content interest me and my subscribers? Does it present something unique, new, exclusive to my audience? Is it useful or entertaining? What type of content should be shared and in what proportions?

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Why do content curation in 2021?

doing content curation in 2021

Coming up with content ideas to share on to share on social networks can be particularly time-consuming. That's why it's important to set up a content curation processThis is why a regular and well thought-out content curation process has multiple benefits. Here are some reasons why it is important towhy it is important to use content curation in 2021 :

  • Show commitment to a specific sector of activity.
  • Establish yourself as an opinion leader or a reference in your field.
  • Save time on content creation.
  • Benefit from an interesting information input.
  • Offer real added value to prospects and customers.
  • Develop sectoral or business expertise.
  • Diversify its content.
  • Gaining credibility.
  • Improve your natural referencing (SEO).

More and more companies are looking for this goal of regular publication! Especially since curation serves as an answer toinfobesityand the overabundance of information which is not always similar in terms of quality. It is a way of processing online information to make it more accessible.

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Banana Content: the ultimate content curation tool

It goes without saying that digital requires an increasingly advanced know-how to succeed in develop an inbound marketing strategy strategy. Banana Content, Saas platform for digital communicatione, is essentially focused on content and its distribution. The tool allows a centralization and a quick publication on all communication channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, e-mail...

Accompanied by the best experts in content strategywe develop text and media content (articles, posts, images, GIFs, videos...) to bring your digital communication. Thanks to digital amplification, we capitalise on the strengths (employees, partners, suppliers, etc.) of your company and increase the reach of your content.

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