Growth hacking: 4 fearsome techniques in 2021

growth hacking

A growth hacking strategy has become essential in the digital marketing of a startup. These anti-conformist growth-boosting techniques are now a priority. 

The term growth hacking, which can be translated as "growth hacking", refers to a set of practices that can accelerate the expansion and growth of a business on the web. It is an effective digital marketing concept, but it requires the mastery of one or more techniques.

Unlike traditional digital marketing, growth hacking knows no limits, as it is based on creativity. 

The tour of the question in this article with these techniques that have proven their worth. 

Landing Page (SEO/SEA)

This excellent tool for natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA) is not always sufficiently used by start-ups. 

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page whose objective is to generate conversions. It differs from the home page of a site in that it is the page where the Internet user is redirected after clicking on a link contained in an advertisement, a partner site or a newsletter. It also responds to a targeted search and can be temporary, as in the case of a one-time campaign, or permanent, for continuous visibility needs for example.

How does a landing page become a formidable growth hacking technique?

For a company, the landing page is an essential link in a growth hacking strategy, as it allows it to test its value proposition with its target audience. However, it must be properly optimized to fulfill its role as a growth lever.

An effective landing page gives you the opportunity to generate leads and turn prospects into customers. And for each type of Internet user, the ideal is to create a landing page to be able to send a targeted message. This technique would be more effective if coupled with a social network programming solution.

Facebook Pixel

This tool allows to show on social networks products that a user has seen, but not necessarily bought. What is it and why is it useful for a company?

What is the Facebook Pixel? 

It is a piece of Javascript code that is placed on the pages of a website and which offers the possibility to track visitors and conversions related to advertising on the social network. It is automatically triggered when a user performs an action on the site (consultation of product sheet, purchase or addition of item to the cart). It records this information which can be seen in the event manager of the Facebook Pixel page. It also allows the user to be reached again with future ads.

How will the Facebook Pixel boost your business?

As a statistical analysis tool, the Facebook Pixel allows a business to measure and increase the reach of its campaigns. It can be used to find new customers and target a more receptive audience with the ability to set up automatic bids. The evaluation of the results of the ads is also easier, and this will be reflected in the budget that will be rationally used.


E-mailing, which belongs to the same family as the newsletter, is a direct marketing technique that consists of distributing commercial information electronically. With a few cents per mailing, it is as economical as it is effective. Banana Content offers companies advantageous options in the field of e-mailing creation and newsletter creation.

How to create an effective e-mailing or newsletter? 

The design of a good e-mailing depends on the choice of a short subject line, which must be attractive while summarizing the offer. It is more than recommended to avoid spammy-sounding terms like "promotion", "urgent", "click here" or "win" if you want to be read. Commercial jargon is also to be avoided, as is "Fwd", which is used to make the recipient believe that the mail comes from a reliable person. Numerical lists such as "the 10 best gourmet restaurants in your city" are, however, recommended.

Optimized/reduced CTAs

The CTA (call-to-action) is a growth hacking technique that takes the form of a button containing an action verb. Its objective is to bring the Internet user to perform a gesture to make him progress in his purchase process. Ideal for converting a visitor into a prospect or a prospect into a customer, it also acts as an unstoppable tool for measuring the impact of the message. 


By offering discounts or retargeting, the company can also hope to bring back users. Gamification, which is a technique that uses the codes of the video game world for challenges or rewards, also wins over Internet users. There are an infinite number of possibilities, and that is the richness and power of growth hacking.

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